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I have tried to update my copy several times but it wont load. Problem?! Says unable to download bible at this time. ??

Best Bible App Ever

It is perhaps the best Bible app that I have ever used. I having teaching Bible studies for 25 years now and this is been such a great great help and I just love the way that it puts everything together and especially like the Pastors Commentary as it puts wonderful perspective on Gods Word with all of the great depth from different pastors. The few times that Ive had problems with the app and called their helpdesk and they were just absolutely wonderful in getting it straightened out. Top-notch!!!


This is my go to App for Bible reading and notetaking etc. I love the different views especially the book view. Also love the ability to take notes on the fly and not lose your place. A very well thought out design that absolutely functions as it should.

Love it

Easy to navigate.

Love it!

This app is great. Im a note taker & resisted a Bible app for a long time bcs I love the notes in the margins of my old Bible. But this app allows for notes & the pages never wear out or fall out! I can even keep up w my Pastor for 45 minutes on my phone when I forget the IPad, bcs navigation is so easy, as well as inserting reference verses into your notes. Highly recommend.

Love it

I love having access to my Bible on my phone and iPad.

Best Bible App ever!

Love the streaming capabilities, notes, cross ref. Keep finding hidden nuggets.

My go to Bible

If you want an affordable Bible and/or study Bible, this is a great program. It is pretty easy to navigate intuitively. This is my go to app for study and teaching. The ability to press on a word for Strongs and Thayer definitions and cross reference is very quick and helpful.

Really appreciate all their hard work.

Really appreciate all their hard work for free or very little.

Downgraded since the "upgrade"

Used to be my favorite Bible app, but I dont like the last "upgrade." No longer can I scroll top to bottom through an entire chapter. Now Im forced to flip pages (if I wanted a book, Id carry a book). The problem with the new method is when a sentence is broken at the end of a page, you flip to the next page. It was easier to just keep scrolling down, and it was no effort to read back to the beginning of the sentence...or verse...or paragraph. Now its flip, flip, flip. Give me back scrolling, please.

The best bible app

I will said this is my 2nd best bible app out there. I have a number 1# but cant say what it is.

GreatApp but dont get this update

Crashes every time I open it. Great bible app when it works

Outstanding Bible App

This Bible App is a beautifully crafted piece of work. Very lean, clean and with fantastic font visuals. I greatly appreciate the devotional content and how they seamlessly get embedded in the scripture as youre reading. And even though it may not seem like much but I also like how the text highlighting visuals were executed on this app. They actually look like genuine highlight marks, haha. My biggest critique which really isnt much at all is just the wish of being able to change translations without having to bring up the full content menu all the time. I keep tapping on the Text-to-Speech pop-up menu thinking its going to provide me an outlet to quickly toggle between translations that Ive purchased because its always displaying the translation that Im currently viewing. Another critique is just the wish for more devotional content under different translations than just strictly NIV. Overall though, the thought put into this app is outstanding! Keep up the great work!


Have loved this app. Hate the page turn nonsense.

Cant do without it!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant do without it!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this bible app! It is so convenient!


Easy to navigate, text in line with my study bible, truly enjoy using this because of the portability while traveling or at rest.

Awesome! God on the go

I love this app. I can highlight verses and access them quickly. Also can compare different translations.

Excellent Bible app

This is an excellent app. You can highlight lines of scriptures to save for later.

Excellent Bible App

I have been using this app since 2011. It keeps getting better and better. You can scroll through chapters or search for specific verses or keywords. Useful app, a great way to have the Bible with you on the go. Note to developers: Please make the NIV 1984 version available. I dont like the 2011. Thanks!

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