NIV Bible App Reviews

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Great ap. Easy to use

This ap is great. Its really simple to use and its great to be able to have a Bible to carry around with you.

Very useful!

Its so handy to have a portable bible with cross references and the possibility of highlighting and making notes. I just love it! :-)


This app is very easy to use and has all the tools that need for my studies. Its great!

New updates

It has been a bit challenging to get used to the new way but it is getting there. Have liked this version of Bible and used it for a long time. It is great to make notes on sermons, in quiet time and highlight special areas, rather then the whole verse. Use it every day! 5/9/2013 Please check, I have been loosing some written notes with the new version. I still like this bible app very much but I am still loosing my last written notes, help!!!! May 30.2013 Okay, now I can no longer open the NIV 1984 which I use all the time, and I am still loosing notes!!! even with the revised NIV... Am I doing something wrong? Does the app not save right away, do I need to do something to save my notes? ---------- 7/16/13 Please adjust the app to automatic save, I still loose my notes if I dont go back, and just close the lid on my iPad!

Ruth Ann

Wonderful app. So easy to use especially for people with vision difficulties. I recommend this.

I like it

Love this new update. Thank you.

Pastors Best Bible

Always updating new features, clean simple and useful

My favorite app

This is hands down my favorite app. I love the new partial verse highlighting feature!

Great App

This is a great app, especially when it opens up two versions side by side. So great that it allows color highlighting. But, a little bit confusing when using the folder/notes.

New Living Bible

Very happy with this bible. Suffering vision problems I am able to read it easily, make notes and highlight verses. What a godsend!

Getting better after a few refinements, after this recent menu format change"

Things are working better, but Still a bit sluggish when high lighting verses, but seems to be getting better, and I use the new IPad 3. The new tap is nice touch with pictures, video, etc. I love this Bible, but I would like to see more colors for high lighting verses, also to custom change color of background, light grey or sepia would be nice, easier on the eyes. I would also like to see a option for checking off the books / chapters that a reader has read, like a read through the Bible check list. Thats all i can think of for now, Other than that, this is an Excellent App.

I love it!

Its great. User friendly and I can bring my bible (iPhone or iPad) to everywhere I go. Great tool to use in soaking in Gods word daily!

NIV Upgrade

Like the ease of chapter change much better. Lots easier.


I use this every morning for daily devotionals love the app user friendly.


Still figuring out all the features, but really enjoying this app. Like the highlighter!

Great product

Very well done with ease of looking up all books of the Bible between chapters.

Amazing bible app

A pleasure to read. Convenient resource. What a wonderful way to share the Good News. I am however finding the latest version less user friendly. It would be more convenient to scroll through a whole Book rather than just 1 chapter.

Just love it

Love how can find anything at finger tip. The way I just swipe for next chapter. I bumped into this accidentally. :-)

Best user interface of any Bible app

I think Ive for all the major bible apps. They each have strengths and weaknesses. This is the one I keep coming back to, and is the one I trust to replace my paper bible. The ability to highlight single words or partial verses is important to me, as is the easy to read layout. I wish there was a bigger range of bibles (particularly NET and NRSV) and the ability to purchase commentaries that are trustworthy would be helpful. Strongs numbers would also be nice. Overall though, this has become my first non paper bible that I actually use as my bible and not just to look up particular verses.

Bible app

I really like this bible, but its not as user friendly as the older version. I had everything so organized not so now and because I have so little time to myself I dont use it as much now.

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